Secret Music Page

Hey there!  You’ve found the secret music page, so now you have full (free) access to all songs from our new album, “Chipper“, (release date = 1-13-17)!

These files are MP3s.  If you require a lossless format such as WAV, or if you prefer to have a physical CD mailed to you, or have any questions or issues, please contact James at

We’ve highlighted a few tracks that you may want to check out first.  To hear some of our more radio friendly stuff, check out Unseen, Electric Polar and/or Hurry.  For the heavier stuff, check out Duck and Cover, Who You Are and/or Squawk.  For something more on the mellow side, check out Remembrance.

To listen (stream), click on a link; to download a song, right-click on it and choose ‘save target as’ or ‘save link location’ (depending on your browser).

Chipper (released Jan. 2017)
00 – Intro 06 – Hurry
01 – Duck and Cover 07 – Who You Are
02 – Whatever 08 – Squawk
03 – Unseen 09 – Hungry Lung
04 – That Much is Certain 10 – Remembrance
05 – Electric Polar 11 – 80’s Oddity

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feel free to copy & share our music with whomever you’d like.   We will not scoff at you, only thank you!!