And now, for something a little “Less Plugged In”…

Sup, y’all?  Hope all’s well in your world.  Just wanted to share with you something a little “Less Plugged In”…  Put together from our acoustic set on “Hometown Hodges” performance @ the Greenwood Community Theatre, this one’s for those who prefer something a bit on the mellower side.

Me on the acoustic, Dwayne on his 8-string, Devin on that bass and Kevin on drums & keys.  Speaking of which, also on this is “Wakes”, written and sung by Dwayne aka theCITIZEN and “Petal on Pendulum”, written and sung by Devin!

Now available via all the places where you get things (digitally, at least).

Hope ya digs… Love ya!

p.s. – Acousticky stuff not your thing?  Cool, we’ll be droppin’ the yin to this yang, “More Plugged In”, soon…

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