Marytree News – Summer 2021 Edition

How goes it, Marytree peoples?  Here’s hoping that all is well with you and yours.  On this end, been better, been worse…

Insane that it’s been nearly 18 months since our last show in FRONT of people (aside from a private party last Halloween)!!!  Well, we fidd’n to remedy that come Saturday, Aug 7th @ the Trolley Pub (formerly known as Shooters) in Summerville, SC, with Reaking Havoc and Skarred Lot!

Without going into a lot of detail (those of you who have followed us for a while know that we don’t kiss and tell), we have parted ways with Kevin, our illustrious keyboard-playing drummer.   However, you’ve NOT heard the last of him here, though – we will be putting out some material in which he is very present, including an album called “Less Plugged In,” laden with lovely keys and acousticky goodness… (more on that soon)  We genuinely wish Kevin the best in all that he does moving forward, in music or otherwise.

Speaking of Reaking Havoc, Marytree’s gonna be kicking it up a notch in terms of heavy – somehow the universe saw fit to send Gary Blume our way, and dude’s hit the ground running, man!  Can’t WAIT for you to hear the new incarnation!  Hope you’ll come show ’em some love on Sat, 8-7, his first show with Marytree…Garytree, anyone?  <TAP> <TAP> Is this thing on?  😉

Maestro Blume has several play-through videos up on his YouTube channel, go check ’em out!  Here’s Gary doing what I consider to be our ‘anthem’, a little ditty called “Don’t Ask Me How:

Much love!

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Marytree performing Helmet’s “Unsung”


Sup y’all?  Hope all’s well with you and yours.  Here’s us performing “Unsung” by Dwayne’s all-time favorite bands, HELMET!

Our thanks to the Hometown Hodges Show and Greenwood Community Theatre for having us, man!

Marytree – Less Plugged in: “Trigger Happy”

What’s up, Marytree family?  We have another installment for you from our Less Plugged In series!  But first, a little backstory…

This band has been around in some shape or form since the mid-to-late 90’s.  Starting in highschool as a two-piece + any drummer who would grace us with their skills, Marytree has gone through many changes over the years.

From a name that can’t decide whether or not to include that extra ‘e’ (which was dropped for some reason early on, until we got tired of being called Martyr, that is), to all the musicians that have come and gone, each leaving behind a little piece of their soul within the music, to everything we have experienced on and off the road, for better and for worse.  And now, a group of guys who not only make the music better, but make me a better musician.

Marytree TRIED doing “acoustic” sets in years past when we were a 3-peice, but those were mainly comprised of me plugging my raggedy ole’ acoustic guitar into my 6×12 stack and playing exactly as if we were full-on electric, complete with that dirty little (ProCo) Rat!  In a word (or two) it sucked…I was there, I know…  But now…

Now I am a different musician.  Not because of me, but because of my people.  My team.  My brothers from other mothers.  My fellow lefty, who happens to be a record-producing sound guy, he showed me how to bring the power without all that volume (though I reserve the right! 😉 ), our keyboard-playing drummer who brings all the math to the yard, in the studio as well as the stage, and a guitar-wielding bass player who brings fresh perspective to the table.  I credit them with our being able to bring you Less Plugged In.  I credit them with taking these songs, some of which are now old enough to buy alcohol, and making them fresh and new.

“Trigger Happy” is a fine example of this.  All that being said, I dedicate this video to my guys, with my sincere thanks for all that you do for, with and because of this band, this bond, this love.  THIS is Marytree.

I also dedicate it to BobbyJo Sanchez, a good friend to me and Marytree, who was there in ’98 when this song was written, allowing me bounce ideas off of her, helping to shape it into what it became.  See, I DO remember… 😉


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2017 Chipper Tour – 6/21 to 7/24

What’s up, Marytree family!?  We are very excited to announce that we’re hitting the road June 21st for our first national tour!  Back in January we released our album “Chipper” and have been working these past few months putting together a tour that will have us literally reaching all corners of the United States.  We have SO MANY PEOPLE all across the country to thank for helping us realizing this dream of ours, man!

Come see us in a town near you and experience Chipper live and in your face!  For those of you not able to get to one of the shows, keep a lookout for livestream, and of course we’ll be putting out lots of videos through our YouTube channel (  We want you to be part of the shenanigans… 😉

Five weeks, 16 dates, 9,000 miles, countless memories…  See ya out there!

Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the new!  It’s been long overdue to bring things into the 21st Century…  Please, feel free to look around, listen to some music, sign up for the mailing list, check out the new store, watch some videos, make yourself at home, man!  Thanks for visiting!