Marytree News – Summer 2021 Edition

How goes it, Marytree peoples?  Here’s hoping that all is well with you and yours.  On this end, been better, been worse…

Insane that it’s been nearly 18 months since our last show in FRONT of people (aside from a private party last Halloween)!!!  Well, we fidd’n to remedy that come Saturday, Aug 7th @ the Trolley Pub (formerly known as Shooters) in Summerville, SC, with Reaking Havoc and Skarred Lot!

Without going into a lot of detail (those of you who have followed us for a while know that we don’t kiss and tell), we have parted ways with Kevin, our illustrious keyboard-playing drummer.   However, you’ve NOT heard the last of him here, though – we will be putting out some material in which he is very present, including an album called “Less Plugged In,” laden with lovely keys and acousticky goodness… (more on that soon)  We genuinely wish Kevin the best in all that he does moving forward, in music or otherwise.

Speaking of Reaking Havoc, Marytree’s gonna be kicking it up a notch in terms of heavy – somehow the universe saw fit to send Gary Blume our way, and dude’s hit the ground running, man!  Can’t WAIT for you to hear the new incarnation!  Hope you’ll come show ’em some love on Sat, 8-7, his first show with Marytree…Garytree, anyone?  <TAP> <TAP> Is this thing on?  😉

Maestro Blume has several play-through videos up on his YouTube channel, go check ’em out!  Here’s Gary doing what I consider to be our ‘anthem’, a little ditty called “Don’t Ask Me How:

Much love!

\m/ \m/

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